A place to learn which

synthetic and industrialized food additives

are the most dangerous to you personally, 

and just as importantly,

how you can avoid them.


a nonprofit research and education organization focusing on the link between

synthetic/industrialized chemicals

and adverse health outcomes and  the solutions.


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Includes FATAL

The popular

‘Food Additives to Avoid Listing’ guide! 

Exceptionally user-friendly, this science-based book is the culmination of 25+ years of research highlighting the scientific, medical and scholarly studies

revealing the most commonly used

Chemicals of Concern...

those synthetic and industrialized chemicals in the U.S. food supply linked with

adverse health consequences.

Learn which food additives are linked with which health conditions...

which additives you personally want to avoid and

where they are hiding!

Filled with practical, easy-to-use strategies,

this is the ONLY book you need to

eat chemical-free

and regain--or keep--your health

and well-being. 

Break free of processed foods and synthetic food additive addictions for good. 

Go Chemical-Free.  Get Healthy.

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You can eat whatever you want.

Until you can’t.

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