Our modern times leave us inundated with potentially dangerous synthetic & industrialized chemicals in our food, personal care products, pet products and home environment. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that exposure can cause a myriad of adverse health symptoms and even serious, chronic illness. With the thousands of synthetic and industrialized chemicals in use today--some of them unlisted--learning which chemicals to avoid can be overwhelming.

Luckily, there is help... is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research, public education and individualized, personal training focusing on the link between synthetic and industrialized chemicals

and adverse health consequences.

Get healthy. Get clean. Go Chemical-Free today!


Food preservatives, dyes, additives, pesticides, synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics and other animal drugs, are all a pervasive part of the typical diet in the U.S. and many have been linked to serious health-related problems. 


In fact, there have been several decades of scientific studies, anecdotal reports and clinical trials that have produced evidence linking  a number of synthetic and industrialized food chemicals to a myriad of adverse health conditions including heart disease, insulin resistance/impaired glucose tolerance, and diabetes, weight gain/obesity, depression, anxiety, behavioral, mood and psychiatric disorders, insomnia/sleep disturbances, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, memory and concentration difficulties, nausea, fatigue, ear infections, swollen lymph nodes, urticaria, edema, intestinal disturbances and digestive disorders, respiratory problems and asthma-related difficulties, fibroid tumors, cancer, endocrine dysfunction, infertility, nasal polyps, rhinitis, autoimmune complications, migraine headaches, allergic reactions, liver and kidney complications, and more. 



Fortunately, there is  a solution. 

By becoming educated about what these problematic synthetic and industrialized chemicals are, where they are hiding, and some basic strategies for finding alternatives,

not only can you avoid these unwanted chemicals,

but you can eat healthier and better tasting food than you ever imagined.


a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focusing on

the dangers of synthetic/industrialized chemicals in our

food and general environment,

offering safer, cleaner, better solutions.

Private Training and Consulting: Lifestyle assessment & individually customized programs training clients how to go chemical-free with their diets and lifestyles.

Scientific Research: Including designing/conducting scientific studies examining public opinion and consumer perceptions and behavior examining sociological, political, health, environmental and economic antecedents and consequences of the increasing numbers of chemicals of concern in the food supply and home and personal care product industries.

Public EducationOngoing seminars, workshops, books, articles, blog, documentaries & doc shorts and the upcoming book.


You can eat whatever you want.

Until you can’t.

A place to learn about the potential dangers of synthetic and industrialized

food chemicals 

and how you can avoid them.

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focusing on research and education about the link between synthetic chemicals and adverse health outcomes.

Public Education

Scientific Research

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